Monday, April 25, 2016

Thesz debut in Toronto 1939

Apr 24 2016 marked what would have been the 100th birthday of Lou Thesz. Generally regarded as the best of the best of all the Professional Wrestlers that have ever entered the squared circle, Thesz had a long and storied history here in Toronto beginning in 1939 and going to 1969 - for Tunney and assoc.

He showed back up in 1976 on George Cannon's ill fated attempt to run against Tunney at the CNE Coliseum but his best days here were the many world title defenses (30), the long feud with Whipper Watson and big bouts vs Gorgeous George, Yukon Eric, Gene Kiniski, Dick Hutton, Buddy Rogers, and many more.

He lost the belt at MLG to Whipper in 1956, Hutton in '57, and won it from Rogers in '63, good times indeed for the Toronto fans who were lucky to be around in that era.

Clips from Thesz first appearance Nov 16 1939, pretty good card !