Saturday, April 16, 2016

1951 Waldo debut?

This is the earliest mention of Baron (Wally/Waldo) Von Sieber I have found yet. He started with Red Garner so may have appeared on other shows of Red's somewhere else in the area - before this one.

He went under various names in the early days and was billed from Bradford or Holland Marsh. When he debuted at MLG later in 1957 he was Waldo Von Sieber then sometimes just Wally or even Walter.

Over the course of his career he used somewhere around 10 different monikers before making it big as Waldo Von Erich. His early career is mostly unknown or forgotten but he was a 'big star' for Garner through the 1950's alongside later Garner regulars who went on to bigger things including Jacques Dubois (McKigney), Mike Scicluna (Baron), Ron Doner, and Bull Johnson. Sieber would hold the local Canadian Heavyweight Title for a bit and was known as 'The German Oak'

that's Red on the AD