Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gilles 'The Fish' Poisson

Gilles 'The Fish' Poisson (Poisson is the French word for 'Fish') was an established star in Quebec and across Canada in the 70's and early 80's, also working as Louis Cyr 'Canadian Strongman' in the WWWF with Fred Blassie as his manager. He only appeared a handful of times in Toronto but was on the Moscamania II card in Kitchener 1986 teaming with the Destroyer vs long time adversaries Parisi and Brito.

The pic above circa 1977 looks to be taken in Winnipeg from the background. MLWP Collection. Clip Below Verdun, PQ April 23 1974 

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  1. Hi! His real name was Gilles Poisson. Not Charles Berger. He's my grandmother's cousin and i'm trying to correct this mistake all over the web.. :)

    Mario Levesque
    Grandson of Lucienne Poisson, cousin of Gilles Poisson

  2. Hi, yes took that from Wikipedia, I have removed it , your quest continues ! :)