Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joe Gollob

Long time Ontario Referee Joe Gollob seems an interesting character. After a somewhat un-noteworthy boxing career in the 30's the Montreal native became a Wrestling referee and handled many big bouts at MLG, as well as in Oshawa, Kingston, and other spots around Ontario. 

Likely because of his boxing background he seemed to take a lot of bumps, not only from the Wrestlers, but also co-referees boxers Jersey Joe Walcott and Joe Louis - and on many an occasion also the fans ! 

He was involved in several riots in Oshawa, one noted in the clip posted above, as well as in Kingston in 1954. On both occasions they would run with a 'heel ref' angle, in Oshawa he would quick count the fan favorites and fail to 'see' the heels' indiscretions. Ultimately they would bring in another referee to even it up and old Joe would get thumped again by a combination of the ref and/or wrestlers. 

Clip below from 1957 is rather humorous in light of Gollub constantly getting tossed around

Clip below a bio from 1943