Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RIP The Flying Frenchman

In the mid 70's when the family made regular trips into Montreal the attraction for me was getting to see their TV Wrestling which we didn't get in our area

It was always a real treat when Ed Carpentier was on the show, he really stood out with the high flying stuff with  incredible agility and mat sense. One of the last ties to the past in Canadian Wrestling RIP

Also see an excellent obit by Greg Oliver on Slam Wrestling

Pic above is from my collection taken around 77-78 by ? 
Clip below is from Toronto Mar 15 1962 as he headlines MLG vs Bulldog Brower. Carpentier loses this one by dq but he will continue on in the area until the early 80's when he would come in on the Wildman's circuit.

Even at this latter part of his career, Carpentier could still move and wrestle at a high level.  Comparable in Toronto was Tony Parisi, a guy who could still make you believe that he could win against anyone and still had most of the old moves. Clip below is from 1980 in Brampton, near Toronto