Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Big Event 1986

It re-wrote the record books in what became known as 'The Big Event', the WWF Exhibition Stadium show on Aug 28 1986. The actual attendance figure is variously reported as 65k, 71k or 67k, appears the truer figure was 61, 479. In an article the Sunday prior it claims that '50 thousand tickets had been sold, with another 15,000 expected to go'.

Additional articles not pictured here proclaim 'Record 65,000 holler for Hulk', and 'Hulk : Pinning down a record'.

Attendance aside it is testament to the power of the WWF machine at that time that in the M-A era we were lucky to get a pic and a write up in the paper. Here they devote multi page spreads and even veteran scribe Jim Hunt and the Entertainment guy Peter Stoddard get on the bandwagon.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hulkamania at MLG 1985

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Write up in the Star on the Oct 13 1985 card at MLG. This one was broadcast live on closed circuit TV across southern Ontario, Michigan, and western NY. 

Though I had tuned out in '84 Hogan did revitalize Toronto much like Flair and Steamboat had in '78, witness the 17,000 attendance. Tunney's 50th Anniversary show in 1981 drew 16k and 17k was long gone by the late days of the promotions NWA days

Rest of the card
Tony Parisi W Rene Goulet
Scott McGhee W Barry O
Iron Mike Sharpe W SD Jones
Dino Bravo W Mr. X
Terry Funk W Steve Gatorwolf
WWF TTC Brutus Beefcake/Greg Valentine W the British Bulldogs

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Siki - Sun Article 1986

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Sweet Daddy Siki is still entertaining in Toronto after a long and successful career in the squared circle. This article from the Toronto Sun June 29 1986

below is an ad for Siki's school from the Sun classifieds in June 1982 amid the other ads of the day!