Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rimstead Column 1978

Paul Rimstead column from the Toronto Sun Dec 17 1978. The celebrated columnist got into the game in 1973 as a manger for the brief career of one Pat McMahon aka Shilelagh O'Sullivan, and reminisces in this column from the day of the big MLG card when Bravo beat Kiniski for the new Canadian Title.

O'Sullivan appears in a local ad from 1980 but unsure if he actually wrestled, if you have additional info about Pat/Shillelagh please contact me or leave a note below.

1973 Results credit Gary Will

03/04 Shillelagh O'Sullivan WP Johnny Carr
04/01 Shillelagh O'Sullivan WDQ Lee Henning
04/08 Eric the Red/Lee Henning D Shillelagh O'Sullivan/Tarzan Zorra
04/29 Shillelagh O'Sullivan WDQ Masked Marvel
05/13 Lee Henning/Dandy Dan Miller D Shillelagh O'Sullivan/The Beast
05/27 Shillelagh O'Sullivan D Pat Scott

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