Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gene Kiniski RIP

Gene Kiniski, a great Canadian and a force in Toronto Wrestling from the 50's to the 80's. 

Ad is from March 16 1961 after Frank Townsend had interfered in Kiniski's bout on the previous card vs Primo Carnera. Kiniski would win this one by count-out and continue his winning ways through the 60's. 

He would return with his NWA title in 1966 with a big win over Johnny Valentine in his first of many defenses at MLG over his reign

Through the 70's he would return often with bouts vs The Sheik and a title shot at Dory Funk Jr. In 1978 he would pass the torch to Dino Bravo in a fictitious final of a tourny to crown the newly revived Canadian Championship. 

In 1982 he had a good series with Cdn Champ Angelo Mosca and still had some of the old spark as the vicious heel vs local hero Mosca. RIP Gene Kiniski 1928 - 2010 

NWA Title Defenses in Toronto
Results from Gary Will

66/02/27 Gene Kiniski WCNC Johnny Valentine
66/04/17 Gene Kiniski W Johnny Valentine
66/05/29 Gene Kiniski WCOR Ernie Ladd
66/10/23 Gene Kiniski W Edouard Carpentier
66/10/30 Gene Kiniski WCOR Whipper Billy Watson
66/12/04 Gene Kiniski W Edouard Carpentier
66/12/18 Gene Kiniski D Edouard Carpentier
67/01/01 Gene Kiniski WDQ Johnny Valentine
67/03/05 Gene Kiniski WDQ Mighty Igor
67/05/07 Gene Kiniski WCOR Mighty Igor
67/07/16 Gene Kiniski WCOR Bulldog Brower
67/07/23 Gene Kiniski WDQ Tiger Jeet Singh
67/09/10 Gene Kiniski W Johnny Valentine
68/04/28 Gene Kiniski WCOR Edouard Carpentier
68/06/16 Gene Kiniski WCOR Assassin
68/06/23 Gene Kiniski W Ernie Ladd
68/11/17 Gene Kiniski W Bulldog Brower

Title Shots in Toronto

57/05/16 Lou Thesz D Gene Kiniski
64/01/16 Lou Thesz D Gene Kiniski
70/01/18 Dory Funk Jr W Gene Kiniski
70/04/05 Dory Funk Jr W Gene Kiniski