Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thunderbolt Patterson

Thunderbolt Patterson holds the US Title on Dec 5 1976 during one of the rare times The Sheik would lose the belt here, never mind lose a bout at all. In his heyday The Sheik ran 127 bouts without a loss 1969-74 and since his return as US Champ in 1974 had not lost the belt at MLG.

Thunderbolt however, debuted in Toronto Oct 1973 in a tag with Bearcat Wright but would not return again untill Sept 1976. After only 2 bouts Patterson would earn a shot for The Sheik's title and beat him to the surprise of fans, At this time in Toronto the wrestling faithful were tiring of the Sheik, and the scene was viewed as getting stale. In a move perhaps as a try to revitalize, The Sheik would lose his belt twice in the final 2 years of his tenure but win it back shortly thereafter - At least Thunderbolt had a re-match bout before losing it back on the following card (1 defense), Bobo Brazil in 1977 would lose it back on the very next card. 

Thunderbolt would never work again at MLG but did come back to Ontario to battle The Sheik on Wildman cards in 1981. Meanwhile The Sheik would make his final appearance for Tunney at the big Exhibition Stadium show in July 1977 in a losing cause vs NWA Champ Harley Race. He was advertised for the next card but did not appear.

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