Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Kelly Twins

Wildman Dave McKigney proves he was ahead of his time with this shot of The Masked Destroyers in 1983. Long before the days of Photoshop he would paste a masked face (the same one!) over each Pat & Mike Kelly for his summer Programs. Likely using a photo left over from previous tours with the Kellys as themselves.

A similar shot to the one he used -below

The covers of his programs were creative too featuring a slew of famous names that never worked shows for him. Mil Mascaras, Terry Funk, Superstar Graham, Dick The Bruiser, Ric Flair, and Bob Backlund among others.

The Kelly Twins meanwhile would appear regularly over the summer of 1983 with manager The General taking on Bobo Brazil, Sweet Daddy Siki, Tiger Jeet Singh and others. The brothers would re-surface in the area on the 1986 Mosca-Mania card facing Angelo Mosca and Vic Rossitanni