Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hossein The Arab

Hossein The Arab/The Iron Sheik defeated Dewey Robertson to win the Canadian Heavyweight Title on May 25 1980 to begin his first run as Cdn champ. Earlier in the month he had won the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title from Jim Brunzell by the same means (the loaded boot gimmick) and while taking a few pics with both belts would only be billed as the Cdn Champ when here in Toronto.


He would lose the Cdn belt to Angelo Mosca in July only to regain it in August but would manage to hold on to the M-A Title until November losing to Ricky Steamboat. Hossein's second run with the Cdn Title would end in Dec losing again to Mosca.

Not sure if he carried the belt or was recognized as such in the Mid-Atlantic area during his second run as both Dewey and Dino Bravo had previously. Would assume they would only want to recognize the M-A belt on local appearances but if anyone has other info please add a comment below

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