Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pics from 1981 MLG Book

A few pics out of Stan Obodiac's fabulous Maple Leaf Gardens book first published in 1981. Pic above by Michael Burns of Lord Athol Layton from the 60's with the MLG ushers. 

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Pic below with the French Angel and Canadian writers l. to r. Ralph Allen, Johnny Fitzgerald, Joe Perlove, and Hal Walker. A young Frank Tunney is at far right.

Pic below from the 50's is the same shot seen in the Tunney office 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Otto, Del, Tokyo Joe

A few pics taken in Quebec, Otto Von Heller aka Mike Hall above 1978, Del Skinner below 1978 (id on who is in the ring?), and Tokyo Joe 1983 (different than the 70's wrestler with the same name). If you have any info on these wrestlers please leave a comment. Heller aka Hall is familiar to fans in Canada but the other two I have very little info on.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halifax 1968

Thanks to regular MLWP contributor Jerome MacDonald for these ads from Halifax from 1968. Above is June 6 , below is July 12. If we were to replace Halifax with Toronto these could well be ads for MLG for the same time period as it's Tunney's crew.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big Bear Program 1983

Most of a Program from the 1983 tour, few pages/pics are omitted as they are already up here or on Rob Elder's excellent Ontario Classic Wrestling Clips Blog

No 'Rick' Flair did not work on McKigney shows. Either did Mosca, not at this time anyways. McKigney was very creative in his posters and media as you can see by the cover above with at least Terry Funk and Mil Mascaras who never - as far as I know - worked on the Wildman's shows.

Both Candi Divine and Debbie Combs, two of the most attractive ladies of the time were both quality wrestlers and a good addition to the cards 82-83. Other ladies on this tour included Dianne/Brenda Hoffman and Donna Day and they would have frequent mixed bouts with both the regulars and the midget wrestler.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Germania Club 1980

Thanks to Tom Muir for these pics from a TV Taping in 1980. A real treat for me as I never got to Hamilton back then and can't recall seeing any pics from our era from the Club so far. 

Snuka above and Steamboat below

Snuka pic looks like he is doing the Sheik fireball with the flash in the background. He is gearing up for his awesome flight off the top turnbuckle that he performed at MLG many times. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Windsor, ON 1947: Classic Clippings

Some clips from the Newspaper Archives Windsor, ON 1947. Promoters Bill Thornton and Frank Tunney, on a couple of cards Don Owen is listed as matchmaker.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sheik in Montreal 1967

Article on The Sheik winning the International Heavyweight Title by beating Gino Brito in a bout after they had tied in a tournament final

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Quebec Wrestling Articles

Some French language articles for my friends in Quebec 

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Johnny Valiant

Luscious Johnny Valiant above -about to crank Chris Colt - was once one half of the Valiant brothers tag team that had success in the 70's as a hard core type team on the Detroit, Indianapolis, WWWF, and Ontario circuits. Johnny came back (Jimmy was working for Tunney at MLG at this point) on Wildman McKigney's 1982 roster and had a wild feud with Colt through 1983, this time hearing the fans cheers in a series of Street Fights and Cage Bouts.

Pic above has Valiant retaining his N.A. Belt vs Colt in Cornwall late Aug 1983, Valiant had won the belt earlier in the month in the same arena and appears to be the last holder of the title which was dropped in subsequent tours when the Sheik was in with his U.S. Title.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

RIP The Flying Frenchman

In the mid 70's when the family made regular trips into Montreal the attraction for me was getting to see their TV Wrestling which we didn't get in our area

It was always a real treat when Ed Carpentier was on the show, he really stood out with the high flying stuff with  incredible agility and mat sense. One of the last ties to the past in Canadian Wrestling RIP

Also see an excellent obit by Greg Oliver on Slam Wrestling

Pic above is from my collection taken around 77-78 by ? 
Clip below is from Toronto Mar 15 1962 as he headlines MLG vs Bulldog Brower. Carpentier loses this one by dq but he will continue on in the area until the early 80's when he would come in on the Wildman's circuit.

Even at this latter part of his career, Carpentier could still move and wrestle at a high level.  Comparable in Toronto was Tony Parisi, a guy who could still make you believe that he could win against anyone and still had most of the old moves. Clip below is from 1980 in Brampton, near Toronto